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Original review: March 20, 2019

ZoeLinda and G. of Nacogdoches, TX

I appreciate the appointment reminders by mail and by phone. Just as expected, I arrived on time and Will was ready to check me in. I no longer had finished completing my questionnaire when I was called back for the testing. It was amazingly low stress and the professionals were very friendly and efficient. I had a great experience knowing I was doing my best to stay on top of my wellness. This was my second screening and I will definitely reschedule again in the future.

Original review: August 17, 2019

Tommy C. of Tucson, AZ

I’m a disabled veteran. I got hurt in Iraq and I was having all kinds of issues and to get an appointment with the VA, sometimes to get stuff done, it’s taking time. I read what people wrote about Life Line. It cost me $129 for everything, and then I started getting a free one because I pay $19 at the end of the month or something every month and I get something done for free. But I haven’t received anything in the e-mail. The check-in with them was a little bit slow, but there was a lot of people. The people were great. And I forgot my glasses and this lady loaned me her Cheaters. “I must be somebody special,” I said. Everybody you talked to, they were polite, very professional. I got two nurses in my family and they told me I’ve gotten better. I’m just happy with them.

Original review: August 13, 2019

Todd H. of Virginia Beach, VA

The results from Life Line Screening were good. Even my doctor had heard good things about them. I decided to have preventive screening done due to my family history. Life Line did my arteries and my neck and everything was normal.

Original review: August 8, 2019

Todd H. of Omaha, NE

My first time with Life Line Screening was good. I didn’t have anything to complain about. The test was quick and easy and the atmosphere was pretty good. The price was also fair. I just suggest that they use the manual blood pressure instead of the automatic because I am in the health field and I know for some people, that the automatic will run higher on some people. You get a more consistent blood pressure off of the manual. Still, I would recommend it and I plan on going through again later on in the future to see where I’m at health-wise.

Original review: August 18, 2019

Tona E. of Brooklyn Park, MN

The people who were doing the tests at Life Line Screening were very good and everybody was pretty good at explaining things. They did the bone density and other tests. They were in-line and reasonable.