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Where does Life Line Screening conduct screenings?

We have more than 60 ultrasound teams that conduct screenings in communities across all 48 contiguous US states. We use rooms in facilities such as places of worship, senior centers, civic buildings, community centers and corporations. Click here to find a location near you.

Are the screenings given by Life Line Screening 100% accurate?

Life Line Screening is aware of the concerns surrounding the quality of preventive public health screenings, and has taken every measure to ensure our screenings are of the highest quality. No test is 100% accurate, but our results are comparable to those you would receive in an accredited hospital vascular lab. Life Line Screening uses […]

What type of equipment is used?

We use the same state-of-the-art technologies that are standard in hospitals across the country for all our screenings. We are continually evaluating new equipment to ensure that our equipment is the most advanced.

What kind of training have your ultrasound technologists received?

Our highly skilled, experienced sonographers and medical technologists have all completed formal medical and ultrasound programs, clinical rotations and specialized training. We employ over 700 highly trained healthcare professionals, more than any other screening company in the United States.

Why are your screenings shorter than those performed in hospitals?

Our aim is to identify the presence of an unrecognized health problem and to encourage those with significant disease to follow up with their personal physician for a more detailed evaluation. We do this by offering simple, accurate, affordable screenings that detect whether or not the more costly comprehensive exam is necessary.

How long do the screenings take?

A typical screening appointment takes about 90 minutes, including several minutes of paperwork before the actual screening process. The exact time depends on the number of screenings scheduled during your appointment, the level of disease, your vascular anatomy and your body type. Accuracy and quality output are essential to us, so we make every effort […]

Can I eat or drink anything before these screenings?

It depends on which screenings you are having. Once you register for a screening, you will receive specific preparation instructions and the information will be included in your confirmation letter/email. It is important for you to follow those directions in order to get the most accurate results.