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I have a doctor. Why do I need Life Line Screening?

The purpose of preventive screening is to identify risk for chronic disease so it can be addressed before it progresses any further. Your doctor will manage any steps that need to be taken after you receive the results from your preventive screening.

What screenings can I get if I use a wheelchair?

If you are able to stand and support your weight, we can administer all our available screenings. We can assist you with turning around and sitting on the table and then assist you to help you lie down on the exam table. You are welcome to bring an assistant to help you.

Are there weight limits for the screenings?

Yes, our equipment is usable for people up to 500lbs. However, it is important that the individual can move on his or her own, or with the help of a family member or friend and can lift themselves onto the beds. Our staff cannot be responsible for lifting customers.

Are you affiliated with any hospital?

We are a non-referral vascular screening service. We partner with 72 local hospitals across the country, but your medical information is kept private. All information and preventive health screening results are sent directly back to you to share with your own physician.