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Why do I need a liver enzyme screening?

Just like any disease, early detection of problems enable you and your doctor to take action to prevent the disease from getting worse. Liver damage, in its earliest stages, does not have any symptoms, so if you have any of the risk factors listed below, you should have a liver enzyme screening. Because the liver […]

What are elevated liver enzymes?

The liver is a large reddish-brown organ that you normally cannot feel because it is protected by the ribs. It has two sections, called the right and left lobes, and together with other organs like the pancreas, gall bladder, and intestines, helps your body use the food you eat, and take out things that can […]

What is involved in screening for elevated liver enzymes?

Because the liver is essential to digesting food, processing medication, and eliminating the body of toxins, reduced liver function can have serious health consequences. Elevated levels of the liver enzymes alanine aminotranferease (ALT) and aspartate aminotransferase (AST) can be an early indicator of liver function decline, because when the liver is damaged, these enzymes spill […]

When will I receive my liver enzyme screening results?

The lab results from your liver enzyme screening (along with all other screening results) will arrive in the mail within 21 days of your screening appointment. A board certified physician reviews all Life Line Screening results to ensure the highest quality standards, and when this process is complete, your results are sent to you.

How much time will the liver enzyme test take?

The liver enzyme screening is conducted using only a finger-stick blood sample (just like all of our Life Line Screening blood screenings). This part of your screening appointment will take 10 minutes or less to conduct.

What is the Accuracy Level of the Liver Enzyme Test?

The blood screening conducted by Life Line Screening to look for elevated levels of the liver enzymes alanine aminotranferease (ALT) and aspartate aminotransferase (AST) is very accurate, and is comparable to laboratory quality standards that you would receive in a clinic or hospital. Life Line Screening is a CLIA certified lab, which means that our […]