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geoInfo shortcode

Implements a shortcode that can be put in content wherever needed. It will add whatever key-value you have selected, and if no geolocation is found, you can also put in a default value



[geoInfo return="{city}, {region} - {zip}"]
{city}, {region} – {zip}


[geoInfo return="{city}, {regionName}"]
{city}, {regionName}


[geoInfo return="{city}" default="Your Location"]
(if no geolocation is found): Your Location

These are the fields/keys that can be used and their respective values (will change values based on geolocation):

    [as] => AS22773 Cox Communications Inc.
    [city] => Phoenix
    [country] => United States
    [countryCode] => US
    [isp] => Cox Communications Inc.
    [lat] => 33.4168
    [lon] => -112.0268
    [org] => Cox Communications Inc
    [query] =>
    [region] => AZ
    [regionName] => Arizona
    [status] => success
    [timezone] => America/Phoenix
    [zip] => 85034


geoFormFill shortcode

Implements a shortcode that can be added on to a page. If you add a class to the input (options listed below), it should autofill the value from the geolocation data.